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Our studio is comprised of 20 extremely talented designers each of whom understand the importance of branding and the impact it can have on a client’s bottom line. They’ve honed their craft in ad agencies, design studios and web based companies. Our working style is collaborative in approach starting with a clear understanding of the design objectives. We recognize that every project is unique, therefore our designers are assigned to clients based on their specific project requirements to ensure the most effective design solutions are delivered.


  • Shelley Dutton
    Account Executive

    Aruba or Belize? Tapas or tortillas? Ask Shelley for the definitive answer. Dutton came from 25 years of sales and marketing in the travel and hospitality industry. So she knows innately how to develop profitable relationships. Plus, she’s very adept at identifying strategic business opportunities. Both traits are highly prized by our clients. snapd design’s uber capable Account Exec also negotiates, develops processes and creates a lion’s share of innovative programs. Day-to-day account management – smooth as silk with Dutton at the controls. In addition, Shelley coordinates the creative requirements for the department. Dutton has ridden a camel in Egypt by the by, but that’s a story for another time. Work with her and she’ll take your business to new places.

  • Jennifer Buchanan
    Director of Video

    We used to wake up with Jennifer Buchanan – when she was a TV morning show host. She was as smart and talented as they come, a journalist with a great instinct for a story and a great respect for how that story should best be told. Could there be a better fit for our video department at snapd design? Don’t think so. Buchanan brings her 20 years of Broadcast Journalism and with it, her considerable expertise in communication, scripting and editing to grace our video efforts. With 4 billion videos viewed worldwide every day and 66% of all mobile data traffic being comprised of video, our clients clearly see the advantage to working with Jennifer. Still a student of film, Buchanan loves to watch the occasional Dateline Murder Mystery during her off hours. With her awesome skill set it’s no mystery how she makes snapd design better.

  • Glenn Paterson
    Vice President

    Glenn lives and breathes the business. He comes from 20 plus years in advertising where he managed an array of successful brands including General Motors, Honda, TSN and Buckley’s Cough Syrup to name a few. Paterson was instrumental in the launch of the Acura brand of luxury automobiles in the Canadian market. A brand that is still in the fast lane today due in large part to his skills in positioning. To this day, Staying Curious remains the guiding principle for Glenn. As he notes, “it provides the spark for every great idea”. Paterson brings this way of thinking along with sound strategic insight and hands-on management to the clients of snapd design. Not surprisingly, one of Glenn’s most memorable moments in life was landing his first agency job. Now he’s proud to live and breathe our client’s projects on a daily basis.

  • Ashley Ainslie
    Creative Designer

    One of the reasons we can forecast success for our clients at snapd design is the enormously gifted Ashley Ainslie. She has the superbly discerning eye you need to make a page pop. Ashley’s killer work ethic and her strong grounding in design and project management have led to some truly memorable work for snapd design’s clients. Her specialties include corporate branding and web design, but she can do it all. Ashley once thought about being a meteorologist. Now she makes sure our clients are in a sunny frame of mind.

  • Andrea Dunn
    Director of Social Media

    Tweet: Does the highly skilled Andrea Dunn do everything in life in 140 characters? Well, not everything. She can dream up a Facebook page that will have you coming back every day. Or an email campaign that you can’t wait to open. Andrea developed a strong customer relations foundation through her years of event coverage on our newspaper side. And her love of communication made her a natural fit for her current role as snapd design’s Director of Social Media. If Andrea could have she would have been an acrobat with Cirque du Soleil. As it is, she performs feats with social media that amaze our clients daily. #impressive

  • Tony Vander Baaren

    Tony’s a veteran of the advertising business who can recognize a big idea when he sees one. And he’s just the guy to sharpen that idea and skillfully structure it to build a client’s bottom line. As President you need a vision. Tony sees solutions others don’t and possibilities everywhere. His acutely developed strategic skills have been positioning brands for success for over two decades now. He’s also a by the book account management pro who respects budgets, deadlines and the client’s time which tends to be much appreciated. Vander Baaren saw a desperate need for a new kind of smart and fiscally responsible design firm. It’s a vision our clients have seen eye to eye with ever since the launch of snapd design.

  • Aaron Wood
    Director of Information Technology

    If you asked people in practically every company who was the most valuable person in the company, virtually everyone would answer – the IT guy. Particularly if you asked them at midnight after their machine had just crashed. Aaron Wood is the MVP of snapd design. Aaron has been at the forefront of technology for over 15 years now. He’s provided IT solutions to a host of companies in different sectors. We count ourselves very fortunate to have Wood bring his tremendous wealth of experience to snapd design. The result? He’s made our IT cutting edge and ultra reliable. Wood likes to play video games in his off time. We make sure he has none.


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